diogenes baena

As a full-time bio-medical photographer in padiatrics, photography is my job. It is also my hobby, my excuse to go for a walk, a means for getting to know people and places, and a sort of medication, therapy for the soul.
I am a generalist, applying the basics of photographic technique and composition to different disciplines: architecture, socio-documentary, events, and landscapes. The one area I do love to do, and I thrive on the pressure and excitement of it all, is wedding photography!! Please have a look at how I shoot weddings, and if you like my style and approach, shoot me an email.
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Wedding Videography – 1 Package – 1 Price $900
Cambride/Guelph/Kitchener-Waterloo area
- 8 hours of HD coverage
- 1 videographer, 1 camera
- up to 4 locations, as time permits (there may be a mileage charge)
- lights, camera mics, wireless mics where needed
- online Album (with/without password) for your friends and relatives to view
- videos supplied on DVDs within 2 weeks:
- Bride Preparation,
- Ceremony,
- Formals (candid videos taken while the Photographer
does his thing),
- Speeches,
- First Dances,
- and, as time allows, cutting of the cake, garter/bouquet toss, etc.
- AND of course, a HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO!

Wedding Photography - 1 Package - 1 Price $700
- 8 hours of coverage
- 1 photographer
- up to 4 locations, as time permits (there may be a mileage charge)
- candid, photojournalistic style
- NEXT-DAY-EDIT (up to 200 images posted online (your site or mine) within 24 hours, for your friends and families to see right away.
- online photo album of the rest of the wedding photos, posted within a week.
- hi-rez files (for large prints) and low-rez files (for small prints and emailing) supplied on DVDs

Still, even at this low price, why do I charge just under $75/hr for an 8-hour wedding? Why not $50/hr? Why not $35/hr?

Leaving aside for a moment the artistic value that a photographer puts into the photos, here are the "overhead" expenses incurred before I show up at the bride's house: pro grade cameras and lenses (doubled up for backup), hi-speed cards, DSLR for video, pro lighting, website hosting service, fast computers and associated software.
(After the wedding, for the next few nights, I will process the digital files to create an exquisite collection. I will be dedicating my years of experience to produce a collection of images that I will be proud to call my own.)

Throughout the day, I will be devoting my time, energy, and artistic talent to capturing your moments.

Typically, an 8-hour wedding coverage should net at least 1000 images ("keepers"). Images shot in RAW format, supplied to you in two formats (hi-res tif files for large prints, hi-res jpgs for small prints and for emailing), colour-corrected and print-ready, and burned to DVDs.

I am always mindful of the fact that regardless of what I have produced before, I am only as good as my latest job!

Have a look at some of the weddings that I have shot. If you like what you see, shoot me an email!

AND ONE MORE THING! My gallery samples show ALL the shots I did that day. I don't just show the "best-of" the last year, or of the last month, or a collection of heavily-photoshopped samples... I show you what to expect on your wedding day! I challenge you the client, to pick out, say, 1 out of 1,000+ images shot that day, and after some photoshop work, that I can make that image shine! Of course, the photo has to be well-exposed and properly-focused.

Limited Saturday dates available for the 2014 season but almost always available for weekday and Sunday weddings.
Now booking for the 2014 season.